As Mediatoolkit is focused on tracking real-time data, it starts monitoring your queries from the moment you've created them, meaning the tool will collect mentions that have been posted since the query was created.

That means that from the moment you created a query, you can be sure that the tool will catch your mentions precisely.

The tool can retrieve some historical data after the creation of a query, but no longer than three previous months. That applies if you are a new client or a Mediatoolkit user for less than three months.

The scope of this data (i.e. how far back we go) is determined by the source type.

If you go to the Set date range on the right side of the tool and set it to the last three months, you might be able to get some of the mentions if they were previously collected in our database.

The tool will keep all the future mentions in the query, so for example, if you keep the query for the next couple of years, you will have access to all the data from those years.

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