A mention limit breach indicates that your Mediatoolkit account has exceeded the monthly mention limit for your current plan.

When all of your mentions have been used, your account will no longer be able to show new mentions. In other words, the tool will stop displaying new mentions in your feed, and no new mentions will be collected until the following month, or until your queries (i.e. the largest queries) are optimized.

To make sure you don't miss any mentions (and to avoid mention limit breach), you can:

  • Apply additional filters to some of your queries

  • Optimize current query setup (i.e. by using Boolean operators)

  • Ask for help from our Customer Support team through the chat in the tool.

You can also upgrade to a larger plan or wait until the end of the month for a reset of the mention counter.

Keep in mind that your Mediatoolkit will not collect any new mentions from the moment Mention Limit Breach occurs until the first of the following month, when the counter will be reset.

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