To tag mentions with Automated Actions follow these steps:

1. Enter keywords, authors, or websites that will trigger an Automated Action.


  • keyword field does not support wildcards (* / ! / # / [ / ] / -)

  • author field accepts only profile/author names (profile handlers are not supported)

2. In Triger action select Tag mentions

3. Apply to selected feed(s) or globally for your organization.

  • Selecting a specific feed source (or a number of them) means you can choose from any existing query or folder in your account.

  • On the other hand, the Global option allows you to apply the Automated action for all present queries across your feed, as well as all future queries you add.

4. The last step is setting up Automated actions is apply to old mentions.

  • By default, an Automated action will apply to new mentions only, starting from the point of its creation. If you want to apply it to the mentions gathered prior to that point as well, make sure to select this option.

  • If you select Apply to old mentions option, the tool will take some time to process that action.

If you prefer video instructions, check out the tutorial below! 👇

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