To integrate your Facebook & Instagram account with Mediatoolkit, you need to have an Instagram Business/Creator account. If you don’t have that type of account, follow the instructions on this link to change your account type.

Also, your Instagram account should be connected to your Facebook page. If you don’t have a Facebook page, follow the instructions for creating one here. If you do have a Facebook page, you can connect it with your Instagram account by following these instructions.

This action is needed so you can continue to track Instagram mentions in Mediatoolkit.

Integration to Mediatoolkit

If you already did all of the steps mentioned above, you can go ahead and connect your Instagram account to your Mediatoolkit account.

You can do that by clicking on Settings and then on Integrations.

At the bottom, you’ll see Instagram and the option to “Connect with Facebook”.

When you click on “Connect with Facebook”, a Facebook pop-up will appear with further steps.

For detailed instructions, check out the tutorial below!

Note: Integration can also be accomplished while creating a new query. By clicking the Continue with Facebook button and confirming the account, a pop-up window emerges through which you can configure the integration without losing the background query setting.

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