Yes, TikTok monitoring is available on all plans. Whether it's keywords, hashtags, or specific profiles, you can use Mediatoolkit to track them all across TikTok.

Note: make sure to include the # alongside your hashtags to ensure an exact match.

Getting started with TikTok monitoring

Once you start tracking TikTok, Mediatoolkit will collect the following data:

  • Description

  • Author

  • URL

  • Create time

  • Like count

  • Comment count

  • Sticker text (content added through the app stickers feature).


You will also be able to track the following metrics:

  • Reach (number of times a TikTok video has been played)

  • Interactions

  • Engagement rate

  • Influence score

In addition, when you select a specific mention, a few additional statistics:

  • Plays (a number of times a TikTok video has been played)

  • Likes (a number of times a TikTok video has been liked)

  • Comments (a number of comments on a TikTok video)

  • Shares

Historical data

Once you create your query and start tracking TikTok, you will have access to historical data from the past 30 days.

How to start tracking TikTok?

TikTok will be enabled by default for all your new queries. As always, you can choose whether you want to include or exclude it as a source.

For existing queries, we recommend editing your current query setup to ensure whether TikTok is enabled or disabled as a tracked source, as per your preference.

How to track mentions from a specific TikTok profile?

Aside from tracking everything from TikTok, you can also track, or exclude from tracking, specific TikTok profiles.

If you want to track only a particular TikTok profile, go to:

Edit filters > Sources > TikTok > Specific TikTok profiles > enter TikTok profile name

* Make sure to include the profile name (username) without the @ symbol (in the example below, simply add "cocacola" as the profile name, and press Enter).

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