You can filter the mentions in the feed by clicking on the filters on the right side of the feed. The sorting options help you to get specific mentions and data about them in the feed.

You can filter your mentions by:

  • Date range

  • Source

  • Sentiment filters

  • Influence score

    • Note: Only Web, Facebook, and Twitter have value for Influence score.

  • Location(s)

  • Language(s)

  • Reach

  • Interactions

  • Engagement

  • Influencers

    • Website domain

    • Twitter handle

    • Facebook page name

    • YouTube channel name

    • Instagram handle (for public profiles)

    • Forum domain

    • Comment domain

    • Reddit handle

    • Note: The Influencers filter is case-sensitive and the input must be an exact match.

  • Authors

  • Virality

  • Tag(s).

You can combine all filters listed above to only see a feed of mentions that reflect the applied filters. Additionally, you can combine numerous filters with the feed search option. Simply check your upgraded sidebar and play around with various combinations.

Please check this article to find out more about feed filters.

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