Mediatoolkit is an award-winning media intelligence solution that helps you track relevant information in online media, in real time.

Find mentions from any source in the world: be it profiles on Twitter or updates from websites, blogs, and forums, Mediatoolkit offers 24/7 mention monitoring for 100+ million online sources.

Receive real-time mention alerts

You should know and react to news fast. Mediatoolkit makes it easy.

  • Monitor websites, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, and forums

  • Track any country or language

  • Receive real-time alerts

Create media reports in minutes

Build your strategy on valuable data, with tools that help you predict what will happen in the future.

  • Identify engaging posts

  • Get virality alerts

  • Analyze brand sentiment

Analyze mentions and find brand influencers

Our real-time analysis dashboards make it easy to see the forest from the tweets.

  • Compare with competitors

  • Track current industry topics

  • Find social media influencers

Mediatoolkit is a multi-user platform which means that an unlimited number of people can use Mediatoolkit at the same time – each with their own username and password. This feature gives each user the possibility to adjust their own alerts and digests while saving time on creating a new account.

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