The Mediatoolkit dashboard is a centralized interface in Mediatoolkit that contains all of the mentions from your various queries, which you can open and view directly in Mediatoolkit. It also allows you to organize and manage your queries and mentions by filtering the queries, deleting or tagging mentions, analyzing them through the Reports, setting up digests, and many more.

Mediatoolkit dashboard is divided into 4 sections:

1. The top-blue bar

The top-blue bar enables you to switch between Mediatoolkit accounts, navigate through various Mediatoolkit features (feed, reports, export, digests, alerts, and automated actions), manage your account settings, and seek help with the tool if necessary.

2. Folders and queries bar

Here you can manage and organize your folders and queries, as well as edit, rename, and move queries between folders. The green Start tracking button enables creating a new query to begin searching for mentions. The name of your plan, the number of queries, and the monthly mention specified in your current plan are displayed at the bottom of the bar.

3. Feed

The feed is where mentions are displayed after they have been collected by the tool. You can scroll through the feed to see all of the mentions, and under each mention, data about each mention is displayed, including reach, interactions, engagement rate, and influence. Every mention is clickable: if you click on its title, the tool will redirect you to the source of the mention, and if you click on the blank space, the Mention details interface will open, allowing you to learn more about the mention.

4. Filters

You can manage your feed in the filters section by selecting the date range, sources displayed, sentiment, showing images in mentions, tagging the mentions, displaying a specific influence score range, and filtering the feed by location, language, reach, virality, interactions, engagement, and influencers and authors of the mentions.

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