When setting up a query, the Filters section allows you to define whether you want to include, exclude, or specify:

You can find a more detailed explanation for each filter in just a bit.

By clicking on the arrow next to each filter, you can enter your preferences for each respective filter category.

As you make changes, the preview of the results you can expect will reflect the newly added settings.

  • Since Mediatoolkit tracks mentions in any language, it might be a good idea to specify one so your feed doesn’t get crowded. For instance, we may want the tool to track mentions in English specifically, and not in French. The same principle can be applied to the Location and Author filters as well.

  • Then, let’s say we want to track mentions with an Influence score from 7 to 10. This is extremely useful when you track industry news, for example, and want to get updates only from the most relevant sources. We could also set whether we want only positive or negative mentions in our feed, or include all so we get a complete overview.

Now, let’s see how each filter works!


You can track specific locations, as well as exclude locations from your results. Click on the search box and a drop-down menu with all available locations will appear.

If you already have a location in mind, start typing – if it is available it will appear for you to click on:

The process is exactly the same for excluding a location.


As was the case with the Location filter, with the Language filter you can track specific languages or exclude languages.

To include a specific language(s), start typing to check if the wanted language is available, or choose a language from the drop-down menu:

To include a language in your search, just click on it:

The same goes for excluding a location from your search. First, you choose a location from the drop-down menu and then you click on the location to exclude it.


You can filter your feed to show only mentions with positive, negative, neutral, or undefined sentiments.

You can choose only one type of sentiment or multiple (e.g. only show positive and neutral sentiment). To choose the sentiment, simply check the desired boxes.

Influence score

An influence score is a number on a scale from 1 to 10 that shows how influential that particular source is in comparison to every other source on the internet.

An influence score of 1 means the source has a small audience, while 10 is typically reserved for globally influential websites with millions of followers. We calculate it using our algorithms that use data like the number of followers, likes…

This filter allows you to filter your mentions so the feed shows only those mentions with a pre-set influence score To choose a rank, drag the blue circle to a preferred lowest rank:

For instance, you can adjust your feed so it shows only those mentions with an influence score ranging from 7 to 10 as is in the example above.


Similar to the Location and Language filters, you can track specific authors, or exclude them from your results (e.g. specific Twitter profiles). For obvious reasons, there is no drop-down menu for this filter, so simply type in the name of the author(s) you want to


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