Before you create your first query, you might want to set up users in your organization.

In this step-by-step process, we’ll explain how to share folders with your colleagues, invite other users to your organization and assign them a role.

Inviting colleagues

The number on the left of the avatar icon represents the number of people with whom you’re already sharing your organization (in this example, that is 3 people).

When you click on it, a new window will open:

To invite your colleagues, simply type their email address in the bar that says Add email address (1). On the right of that bar is a drop-down menu. In it, you can assign each of your colleagues a role: view, edit, analyze, admin (2). Click here to see more on each role.

When you type in the email address and assign a role to that person – click on the blue Add on the far right to add that person to your organization (3).

Once you click Add, a new bar will automatically appear above the added colleague.

You can repeat this process to add however many colleagues you want to your organization.

To finally invite them to your organization, click on the green Invite button.

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