Somewhat similar to tags, Collections allow you to group selected mentions in a collection that you can then save and access at a later time.

There is no default setting for collections, as you create your own under any name you want, with any mentions you want.

To access Collections, look for the Collections button at the very bottom of your feed filters.

You will then get a preview of all your collections.

To create a new collection, simply hover over a mention in your feed and click on the checkbox in the bottom-right corner.

This way, you can also bulk change the sentiment, add tags, and export selected mentions. When you’re happy with your selection, click on the Save as a collection button.

Then, name your collection and click on the checkmark.

Now, your collection is saved.

Click on the three vertical dots to rename or delete your collection. Once you’re done, click on Close collections.

To view a list of selected mentions, click on the number of mentions below the Collection title (“3 mentions selected” in the example above).

This will prompt the opening of a new window:

You can export your mentions from here or close the window if you’re happy with your selection.

As long as your collection is active, you can add or remove mentions by marking or unmarking the checkbox in the bottom-right corner of each mention in your feed.

Once you’re done, click on Close collections.

To access your collection later, simply once again click on Open collections at the very bottom of your feed filters and select your collection.

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