You can sort mentions in the feed by clicking on the filters on the right side of the feed. This option helps you to get specific mentions and data about them in the feed (and consequently in the reports).

  • NOTE: This option helps you sort the feed and the mentions in it in the desired way, it does not change your queries and filters.

You can find feed filters on the right side of the feed:

Let’s take a look at all available feed filters.

Date range

Set date range allows you to filter your mentions by a time period.

You can set a date range by hovering your cursor over the “From” and “Until” date boxes. When you do this, a drop-down menu with a calendar will appear:

Click on a time period on the right side to apply it. Your feed will automatically filter your mentions to match the chosen time period.

However, if you’re looking for a specific time period, go to the calendar on the left side and set a date range by clicking on a date in the calendar.


The Sources option filters the mentions by their source:

For instance, if you click on the “Web” source, that means your feed will only have mentions sourced from the web. If you click on “Twitter”, you’ll only receive Twitter mentions, and so on.

If there is a checkmark next to an option, it means it’s turned on. When the option is off, there is no checkmark.

Additionally, on the right of each source, you can see the exact number of mentions for that source.


This one filters your mentions by a specific sentiment:

If you click on a “Positive” sentiment, your feed will only show those mentions that have a positive sentiment.

Show images in mentions

This option makes it possible to choose whether or not you want to have images in your feed. The default setting for this option is to have it on, but you can turn it off just by clicking on it.

For instance, if you have a Twitter mention (that includes both the image and the caption), and your “Show images” option is off, you’ll only see the caption, but not the photo.


Here you can tag each mention depending on what’s important to you.

Influence score

This filter allows you to filter your mentions so the feed shows only those mentions with a pre-set influence score To choose a rank, drag the blue circle to a preferred lowest rank:

For instance, you can adjust your feed so it shows only those mentions with an influence score ranging from 6 to 10 as is in the example above.

Location and Languages

Here you can filter your feed based on location and language. Simply type the location and/or language you're interested in in the "Show only mentions from" filter, and the feed will show mentions on that location and/or language. You can add multiple locations and/or languages.

You can also exclude locations and/or languages by using the "Don't include mentions from" filter.

If you already have a language in mind, start typing – if it is available it will appear for you to click on:

Reach, Virality, Interactions, and Engagement

This set of filters allows you to sort your feed by reach, virality, interactions, and engagement.

Simply enter a minimal value, a maximal value, or both (for a specific range) in each filter, and the feed will only display mentions with those values.

Influencers and authors

These filters allow you to filter mentions from specific influencers and/or authors, or exclude them from your results (e.g. specific Twitter profiles). For obvious reasons, there is no drop-down menu for this filter, so simply type in the name of the influencer(s) and/or author(s) you want to include/exclude.

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