You can tag each mention depending on what’s important for you. For example, you can track your company’s name and tag each article depending on the context in which the company is mentioned, e.g. company in general, CEO, stock exchange, etc.

You can use tags to sort mentions into various topics.

Find the Tags section among the Feed Filters on the right side of the feed.

To add tags, click on +Add Tags. In the place of +Add Tags, a box will appear in which you can type the name of your tag:

Once you type the name, click on Add new tag. Your tag will appear under Uncategorized tags. You can add multiple tags in the same way.

You can also manage your tags. Click on the blue Manage tags in the top right corner of the tags section. This will open a new window:

In this window you can create a new category (a category is a set of tags), you can add new tags within a category, can delete tags and/or categories, and can rename the categories.

To create a new category, just click on Create new category:

Then, in the box that appears, type in the name of the category, e.g. company:

Click enter, and your category will be created.

To create a new tag under a specific category (e.g. our newly created one), click on the small arrow pointing down on the right of the category name.

Then, to add a new tag, simply click on Add new tag and type in the name of your new tag. Click enter to finish creating the tag.

To rename categories or tags, hover your cursor over a tag or a category you want to edit. Click on the pen icon that appears:

Then, simply type in a new category name in the green highlighted area:

The renaming process for tags is the same as the one for categories.

To delete a tag or a category, hover the cursor over the tag or category you want to delete. Click on the trash bin icon that appears:

When you click on the trash bin icon, a window will pop up asking you if you’re sure you want to delete that tag:

If you are sure you want to delete it, just click on the green Yes button.

Tagging mentions with Automated Actions

You can use our Automated Actions to automate the process of assigning tags to your mentions.

To tag mentions with Automated Actions follow these steps:

1. Enter keywords, authors, or websites that will trigger an Automated Action.


  • keyword field does not support wildcards (* / ! / # / [ / ] / -)

  • author field accepts only profile/author names (profile handlers are not supported)

2. In Triger action select Tag mentions

3. Apply to selected feed(s) or globally for your organization.

  • Selecting a specific feed source (or a number of them) means you can choose from any existing query or folder in your account.

  • On the other hand, the Global option allows you to apply the Automated action for all present queries across your feed, as well as all future queries you add.

4. The last step is setting up Automated actions is apply to old mentions.

  • By default, an Automated action will apply to new mentions only, starting from the point of its creation. If you want to apply it to the mentions gathered prior to that point as well, make sure to select this option.

  • If you select Apply to old mentions option, the tool will take some time to process that action.

If you prefer video instructions, check out the tutorial below! 👇

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