If you want to share your reports with your clients or colleagues, or just want a simplified overview of your mentions, you can export mentions.

The first step is to click on the Export tab.

  1. Choose folder or topic you wish to make report export from

  2. Choose the time frame of your report

  3. Choose the source for your report (web, Twitter, etc)

Export type allows you to choose the format and shape of your export. You can choose to get the report in PDF, Excel, Word, or you can get a list of your mentions in email.

  • Mentions in emails, as the name suggests, mean you will get a list of mentions to your email address. You can sort your mentions by:

    1. Highest reach (from highest to lowest),

    2. Most viral (mentions with the highest estimated engagement)

    3. Last found (latest mentions in your feed).

  • Choosing Table allows you to download an excel or CSV format file containing a table with information about the mentions. You can choose between Basic, Rich, or Rich full-text type, depending on the number of details you want to see.

  • PDF allows you to choose between several export types:

    1. Brief with index – an index to a list of mentions with title and limited content

    2. Brief – a list of mentions with title and limited content

    3. Full with index – an index to a list of mentions with the title and full content

    4. Full – a list of mentions with the title and full content

    5. Full in separate docs – zipped export for each mention in a separate file.

  • Word enables you to export your data as a Microsoft Word document. You can choose between Basic or Full export type, depending on whether you want to see brief or full mention content. Word export supports additional options:

    1. Include stats – includes metric data

    2. Include numbers – mentions are in a numbered list

    3. Include highlight – keywords are highlighted within the text to be more noticeable

  • Report PDF provides you with a report in PDF format. You can choose between basic, advanced, or both in a zip file.

Lastly, click on the Send to email button and your report will be sent to you.

Exporting your reports is an easy process. Within seconds, your report will be waiting in your email inbox for you to share with your colleagues or further analyze the data.

Check this video to find more information about how to export mentions:

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