If you don't want to get notified every time a new mention appears in your feed, you can set up digests to get an overview of your mentions every day, every week, or whatever time suits you.

Access digests from the menu bar at the top of the page. The process of creating one is somewhat similar to setting up an alert.

The first step in creating your digests is to choose the folder and the topic for which you want to receive digests.

1. Choose which user in the organization will receive digests.

2. Create new digests by clicking on Add new Digests.

The next step in creating your digest is to choose the folder and the topic for which you want to receive digests.

After choosing a folder and topic, you can schedule how often you wish to receive digests.

You can receive digests:

  • every day at a specific time (e. g. every day at 9 AM)

  • on a specific day in the month at a specific time (e. g. on the first day of the month at 9 AM)

  • on a specific day in the week at a specific time (e. g. every Monday at 9 AM)

You can create your own custom schedule that fits your needs. In this example, we selected that we wish to receive digests every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 11 AM.

This part is the same as in Exports. Here you can choose the format and the shape in which you want to receive your digests. Also, you can order mentions by highest reach, virality, and latest mentions in your feed.

In the end, there are four useful options you can choose from:

  • Merge with other digests: if you have other digests set up at the same time, this option will merge them together in one email.

  • Discard similar mentions: with this option, you’re removing the possibility that the same mention is shown multiple times in digests (e. g. retweets of the same post).

  • Notify when no mentions: in case no mentions are available in the set timeframe, you’ll be notified.

  • Snoozed: pause receiving digests

After you’ve set up all the parameters, click on Create new Digest and you’ll start receiving digests on your email.

P. S. you can edit or erase your digests at any time.

Check this video for more information on how to schedule digests:

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