Here you can find all of our training materials on the most effective ways to utilize Mediatoolkit:

  • Mediatoolkit Help Centre - In our Help Centre, you can submit enquiries concerning account setup, queries, reports, digests, alerts, and many other topics; simply type your inquiry in the search bar, and the Help Centre will provide the articles that correspond to your interest.

  • Comprehensive Tool Guide - If you want a detailed overview of everything Mediatoolkit can accomplish, including an explanation of how each feature works, we highly recommend reading our Comprehensive Guide to Mediatoolkit.

  • YouTube channel - If you're more of a visual learner, we recommend checking out our official YouTube channel, which contains a plethora of videos on tool usage and features.

  • Mediatoolkit Blog - If you're interested in learning how to use Mediatoolkit for topics such as social listening, reputation management, or simply staying current on industry-related trends, we strongly advise you to visit our official blog.

  • Webinars - our team of media monitoring professionals conducts frequent webinars to provide our clients with many important insights into how to use Mediatoolkit, as shown through real use cases. That being said, you can visit our Webinars Archive to view past webinars on-demand and sign up for upcoming webinars.

If you have any further questions about the tool or require a training session, please contact:

  • Mediatoolkit Support team - If you have any questions about the tool's functionality, please use the chatbox directly in the tool or contact us at

  • Dedicated Success Manager - If you want live education, training and onboarding sessions that are tailored to your specific business and needs, you can work with a dedicated Success Manager who will teach you how to master the tool. This level of service is available beginning with our Medium Business plan.

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